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Hella Hella Robot

Hold my dildo for me...

Dildo Holding Bitches
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You wander through a life without meaning, eating the same shitty cereal for breakfast every morning, working the same fucking 9-5 job, twirling around in your fucking swivvel chair, listening to light rock on the radio your supervisor so kindly decided to play for you to make your work day a little less hectic. Well FUCK THAT SHIT. You need some fucking party bitches in your life. That's right.
Hella Hella Robot is the rap trio for you. Three hot bitches, 8 huge dildos, some fucking dope rhymes and tyte beats. You may have seen us fucking around the East Bay, starting shit and slummin' around. You may have even heard some of our songs like "Emo Boy", "Internet Boyfriend", "I Can't Get No (Erection)", and "Go-Go-Go!!! Nads!!!".
Suck it, bitch.