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cuz we gonna fuck shiiit up dis christmas. itz gon be TYTE. i'm gunna get a hot black man unduhneath mah tree itz gon be tyte cuz da menz be all up on me i be'z like "HELL NO, I'M DA FUCKIN' QUEEN OF HELLA HELLA ROBOT" and shit cuz dey don't understaaaand.

okay, so we gotz some dates comin' up. on december 11th we be playin' at bottom of da hill in FRISCO BABAYY. itz gon be off da hook, so you best be derre. den we be playin at da robotic sex convention in amsterdam on da 29th of january. it be hella far away and shit, but it don't mattuh, cuz itz all about da vibrators and shit. we had a photo shoot recently. only i showed up, cuz i thinkz i'm da picture ho. anywayz, i'm gonza post dem' soon. it be HOT. like yo mama last night and shit.

BUY OUR NEW ALBUM itz called "Fella-fella-FALATIO". itz off da hook. featuring all our hit singles and shit. like fuckin', "emo boy", and da title track, and "internet boyfriend", and "dildoz fo LIFE" and "i can't git no (errection)".


Suck mah muff,
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